Obesity a Serious Public Health Issue

Ten in one person in this world is suffering from health issues, this is because of unhealthy food habits and lifestyle changes in olden days we do not have machines or instant foods but people lived healthily and happily. But now we have all the machines we need and we also have instant processed food to eat even though we are not feeling happy or satisfied. The human body requires only three thousand calories a day and the calorie value varies according to the age, body type, and sex but no one is having the accurate measure of calories every day they either have more or less.

But if we never go according to the number of calories we will either gain weight or loose weight and we never have the strength to do our daily tasks, people should understand what their body actually requires and should eat accordingly. Apart from the calorie value, the choice of food is very important, nowadays people are choosing fast foods and processed food to eat.

But that food materials contain added sugar, cholesterol and trans fat in it, this will make people obese and it also results in severe life-threatening diseases like heart attack, cancer, diabetics and etc. make sure what you eat and when you eat the food, according to the recent research people who eat only the natural food materials like fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, milk and milk products, organic meat, chicken and fish are able to maintain a proper weight and they also high immunity power to avoid diseases.

People should have meal for five-time in each meal they should have small measure of food along with fruits or vegetables and they should avoid including processed food or fast food like burger, pizza, fried chips and etc. if desired they have boiled vegetables which is organic and can also have bowl of fresh mixed fruits this will help to maintain the cholesterol level and help us to maintain proper body weight. Before changing your diet schedule and choice of foods consult with the nutritionist because they can help you to choose better.

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